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Bridal Shopping Etiquette

Lustre Studio welcomes all brides to visit us in West Edmonton Mall to try on dresses; here are some hints to help you in your dress selection.

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Make an appointment one to two weeks in advance with us. Lustre Studio tries to accommodate walk-ins, but can also accommodate appointments where brides can get an even more personal experience with one of our consultants. Our appointment booking days and times can vary:
Please contact Lustre Studio to inquire.


Allocate approximately 1-2 hours to try on dresses. Lustre Studio is quite  busy on the weekends and may only allow you to try on dresses for an hour. Weekday appointments not quite as busy and ideal if you want to spend more time on dresses and talking with a sales person.


Please try to limit the number of people you bring with you to do your bridal gown shopping and again to your fittings. Too many people means too many opinions and can be very stressful for the bride. Your appointment will be counter productive trying to please everyone. It is suggested to bring a maximum of 2 people with you to your appointments in search of the perfect gown. Lustre Studios dressing rooms can only accommodate the bride and the sale associate. It is best to bring people that may be involved in the purchase of your dress to minimize the number of visits needed to fit the perfect dress.


Be prepared to discuss your price budget with your sales person. This will allow her to bring you dresses that are in your price range. We not barter on wedding gowns. Lustre Studios does not have a big margin on the gowns and it is inappropriate to look for a better deal on such an important purchase.


Because dresses can be heavy and even delicate/fragile, the sales person will likely assist you with the dresses. Please do not allow someone shopping with you to assist you in the change room or to pull dresses from the showroom to bring to you. The gowns are a cost to the Lustre Studio and need to be handled with care.


Lustre Studio can provide you with shoes that you can wear with your gown. It is always best to bring a strapless bra with you.


Lustre studio will note the dresses that you are interested for yourself and to keep on file at the store. Make sure all dresses you’re interested in are noted for reference. After visiting many bridal boutiques and trying on so many dresses, it can be difficult to remember which one is which.


All sales are final at Lustre studio. Dresses are made when ordered and cannot be returned. We do request either a non-refundable deposit or payment in full. You will be asked to sign a contract to verify that the size and style are correct and to ensure you understand the purchase agreement.


Alterations are additional charge. It is best again to minimize the number of people you bring with you to your fittings as the seamstress requires a space to work with you. You may also run into trouble with too many options with your fittings if you bring to many people.


Dresses are ordered according to the size that will fit you best and are not custom made according to your measurements. website load speed test Most dresses will require some sort of altering to custom fit it to your body once the gown arrives in the store.


You will feel better trying on wedding dresses and it will make it easier to picture yourself in the dress of your dreams if you dress up for the event! Come in dolled up or book a hair and make-up consultation and Lustre Studios sister company the Esthetic and Beauty supply hair and make-up studio. With the complete package it will be easy to find the perfect dress.